I am a SAHM in Singapore. I have two beautiful children aged 2 and 5. I love making things, but do not have the time to make all the things I want to, having to care for two active kids.

So I would like to share these items with other crafting people in the world (how lucky you, to have the time to craft!)

This shop features mainly sewing embellishments which I found that are so so cute. I have a strong preference for zakka-themed crafts which are simple but yet exude a calmness that help tame our crazy world today.

I hope you would find more peace in crafting with my items. Enjoy!

Do email me if you have any questions or comments or just to say hi! Being a SAHM can be quite lonely at times. ;) I have thus far greatly enjoyed sending out orders to the exotic addresses for my sale and would love to make more friends.

You can find also me at http://www.etsy.com/shop/Inagaki and facebook.

Have a nice day!

Shopkeeper Gin