Monday, August 1, 2011

Chef Fabric Box Pouch

I spent about a day making this pouch. Aren't the colours just lovely?


This is made from this fabric I have in my shop. (Click the picture for the link)


Such a lovely fabric..all the colours are so brilliant and warm.
(Save me people, buy it! I think if I don't sell my fabric fast enough, I will use them all up. Save my fabric from ME!)

I often see this kind of box pouch in the bookshop, sold as pencil cases or shoe bags. I like the design and thought of making it one day. I thought it's a easy pouch to make but how wrong I was!


I must have done it incorrectly but there were a lot of wrestling with this pouch. So although it's finished now, I am left with a certain unsatisfied feeling because

  1. The pouch looks kinda tortured. Or I'd have finished off the seams and list it on etsy.
  2. I still have not figured out the way to make it easily, or at least not look so tortured at the end of it.

I love this kind of design ( ones with piping ) and am determined to succeed at it another day. Wish me luck!



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