Friday, June 24, 2011

Free Download : Vintage Luggage Tag

As mentioned on my facebook page, this is an editable pdf version of the lovely vintage luggage tag found at Just Something I Made. Cathe Holden, the original designer, has generously allowed me to share the pdf version with you.

Link : Vintage Luggage Tag
- pdf version

Link : Vintage Luggage Tag - jpg version

Instructions for download:

1.)Go to the menu bar near the top left hand corner.
2.)Click "File" for the drop down menu.
3.)Choose "Download original".
4.)Open the file with Adobe Reader.
5.)Key in your details in the 4 fields, Name, Address, Tel No. and email ( at the bottom) and print.
6.)At printing, scale it down to 50% for the right size and smooth lines.

There are 2 files at this link. The pdf and blank jpg version. The jpg file is a clean file without personal details, it can be found above the pdf file. You can use it for more freedom in text placements.

Note : If you click the file to go into the doc, it will show you a very low resolution file, that is not the true resolution of the actual file, so do not be deterred.

Have fun!

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