Thursday, April 12, 2012

Kid's School Planner

As we enter the second term in school, things begin to crowd up.

Last week, I decided to make a wall planner for all the things to remember for the kids' school things. English spelling, Chinese spelling, Maths tests, fruit days...


Enter the planner. White paper beneath a clear plastic sheet, bound by linen fabric. The squares, days and illustrations were drawn and ironed onto the paper itself. These are the things that will not change from month to month. 



These pics are the black velvet appliques sold in my shop here

Come next month, I can erase off the dates and the month, and write the next month and dates in. 


This works very well for me! I am so pleased with the result. I stick it onto my metal door with two powerful magnets.  Now I can see at a glance what's going on in the children's school and what to expect in the next coming days.

There's a small space besides the planner where I can write the words he would be tested for spelling. With the planner easily visible, it's easy for him to learn too.

It's perfect except for one thing : It works too well.

kid's school planner, doodle board, black velvet appliques, sewing hasher

The children can't keep their hands off it! They love to doodle on the board. Before the invasion of these little monsters at month end, I had just erased the names of various heroes from The Avengers written in every blank box available. Wolverine, Ironman, Hulk etc. It was like we were getting Avenger visitors everyday and it stressed me up.

The fabric binding is a necessity so that they will not extend their unbound imagination beyond the board onto my precious door.

This only means one thing. Another similar board fully dedicated to doodling is in order.    

For the info of anyone interested to make one, the white paper sheets are sold at Daiso @ 8 for $2. You would need magnets and whiteboard markers and erasers too, all available at Daiso too. 

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