Tuesday, July 31, 2012

New Fabric Stock at Inagaki's Shop

Some new stocks arrived and I'm itching to sew again.
Here's a new listing for the shop.
This is the first of a few new panels with interesting designs. I always find these designs facinating, as they offer a variety of designs in one panel alone. Of course I always bring in the ones that interest me most.
Lovely fabric design sends one's imagination into overdrive, doesn't it? I have made so many things in my head with this one already. :P ( That's just a nice way of saying I am a lazy crafter... hehe..)
Collage sheet is the art of putting different images together so that they form a harmonious picture on their own. There are some really nice ones I have seen on the internet. These are also quite nice. Don't judge the fabric on its own alone. Once made into items, their beauty is enhanced by a few times. Somehow.
It's been rainy and cool here for the past few days. Yesterday, I found my husband steal my blanket when I went to bed (after finishing Korean drama late into the night). He's always one who pushes away the blanket and needs the fan. So I am thinking if I should make a blanket each for the four of us. I cannot sleep without my blankie. *suck suck thumb* I have my eyes on two other lovely panels for the kids. Will post about it when I list the items. Quite pretty. Inagaki's Shop on etsyInagaki's Shop on Facebook

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