Sunday, August 26, 2012

40% Discount for Cotton Linen Lily of the Valley Panel

The Shop is offering a discount of 40% off this fabric due to some shortcomings on the fabric (see below). The price shown on the listing is AFTER.

I used this fabric from the shop.  Visit the link here.


After making two bags out of this fabric, I am convinced and must admit it is somehow, badly printed. The straight lines aren't exactly parallel or perpendicular to the grain of the fabric itself. I spend about 1.5 hours staring at the remnants the second time, trying to figure out how to use the remaining for the bag in the top photo. 

In the end, it was achieved using patchwork.

While the result comes out fine, it took abit more brainwork to get the design out in order to maximise the use of the fabric.
I decided if my customers are going to go through this, I shall give a huge discount for the fabric.

On top of that, for the dollies, there are no seam allowance. I know, quite badly printed.

This is a tote bag for the children's teacher for Teacher's Day. It is made from the above panel.

Despite its shortcomings, the fabric colour, as you can see, is still very beautiful and can still be utilised to produce beautiful results. So if you like the print, please do not hesitate. :) 

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Billie said...

Still looks very pretty!

gin ho said...

Thank you, Billie!. :)