Sunday, August 26, 2012

Teacher's Day Tote Bag 1

 handmade tote bag, map fabric
Made this yesterday, and it was so therapeutic! And addictive. It was time to prepare dinner and I so did not want to leave my sewing.
It is just a very simple no frills tote bag. But I love the quality that the fabric lends to the bag. Cotton linen blend fabric is a bit thicker than cotton. For this bag, I did not use any batting or interfacing. But still it feels very good and solid.
I love the bag. I dun have such a nice bag for myself. Funny thing is, for all that I can sew, I carry hideous looking bags. I have yet to make a decent looking bag for myself yet. It's embarrassing.
I am reminded of how much I love to sew. But also how little time I have for it. Let's hope in the coming days, I will be able to put aside more time to do this.    
And old map of London makes the inner pocket.

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